Sunshine Fruit Salad

I love salads.. healthy, fresh, natural condiments, array of colourful veggies/fruits and a delightful dressing poured in and then tossed to create a lovely bowl of a filling and extremely appetising salad. Salads can be fun and innovative and this recipe that I am showing you guys today lives upto a tall order. Great as an “after”, snack, or even when you’re craving something fruity. It is so fun to make and can be tossed up in a jiffy.. loaded with the goodness of sweet, tangy citrus fruits, my sunshine fruit salad is truly lip smacking and super healthy. Continue reading

Tender coconut pudding in chocolate cups

Have you heard of those edible chocolate cups? Well, if not.. I’ll give you a brief introduction about them. They’re basically baskets that are prepared solely using melted chocolate and then shaped into a cup by setting into moulds. However, mine doesn’t require you to buy any moulds or balloons (people use them too) as you simply require some disposable parchment muffin cups. You can add almost anything in these cups, from whipped cream, fresh fruits to even ice-cream.. However, I am going to  take it to a whole new level by actually showing you how to make a tender coconut pudding that is completely vegetarian and goes really well with chocolate and requires very few ingredients. Continue reading

Tofu, Broccoli Stir Fry – 100%Vegan Recipe

Stir fries, let get talking. I guess you may all be familiar with what stir fries are. They’re basically one pan meals that can be cooked in less than 15 minutes. How? well, the answer to that lies in the recipe.. they’re so quick to put together as everything is cooked in a very hot wok and the ingredients required are minimum, all you have to do is add your favourite ingredients  in; these may include anything from everyday vegetables to brown rice/noodles (they form the base). Then various sauces are added, the mix is seasoned generously and tossed on high flame to make a really quick, instant and flavoursome meal that is ready to serve in a matter of less than 10 minutes. Who wouldn’t love something that speedy and fiery!? Continue reading

Exotic vegetable soup

I love soups.. They are so easy to make, incredibly comforting and extremely appetising. Perfect for a rainy day! I recommend this soup over all other soups.. skip over the boring old man chow and take your soup experience to a more simple yet sophisticated level. Loaded with the goodness of assorted vegetables and a flavorsome pumpkin broth that is packed with the goodness of essential nutrients and minerals, my exotic vegetable soup leaves no stone unturned. I love to accompany it with a simple lettuce-tomato salad as nothing pleases me more than it’s simplicity! Continue reading

Deconstructed saffron-caramel cheesecake

A cheesecake is something I believe was sent straight from heaven all the way to us.. what a gorgeous creation. Hats off to whoever came up with the idea of this amazing dessert. I am obliged to say sorry as I have ruined the divine creation. Yes, I destroyed it, I ruined it, I deconstructed it! Hold on..Hold on.. What does deconstructed mean? Is it the same as what I stated? No, it’s not. A deconstructed cheesecake is when individual layers of a cheesecake have been separately plated next to each other and drizzled with a certain type of reduced sauce. Now the question arises, why am I calling this a deconstructed cheesecake?.. Continue reading

High-tea Pumpkin Fritters

Ever wondered why everybody enjoys a plate of tempting, crispy fritters with a steaming cup of tea? In Mumbai, it’s a road side legacy.. People munch on those yummy bhajiyas/bhajjis and then sip on their favourite cutting chai.. It’s a popular combo as it is much adored by everyone from roadside dwellers to working people because they’re super cheap and taste incredibly dynamic. There are several variations to these fritters.. onion, potato, mirchi, cauliflower, etc… However, this variation that I am publishing today is completely freestyle and has a home touch to it. Continue reading

Classic Vanilla Sponge Cake(eggless)

After the novelty cakes and other fancy desserts have stepped into the global foodosphere, the classic stuff has been forgotten. Molten Lava cakes, two-minute mug cakes, red velvets… these are very recent introductions and have already taken over.. which is why I am sharing this recipe so that everyone remembers one of the first and rather significant creations in the “cake-o-mania”; that is this cake. Trust me guys, nothing beats a classic vanilla sponge cake with a simple chocolate glaze. Nothing!  Prepared with the simplest condiments, this cake is a serious love affair. Continue reading

Delicious stuffed jacket potatoes

Quick appetizers are probably the most desirable food items in the global foodosphere. There’s much competition out there as millions of home chefs compete to create amazing appetisers that are quick yet dynamic at the same time. There’s not much surprise there as appetisers are meant to be appetising and are much-loved by everyone, they are one of the most satisfying items and this recipe nowhere falls short to satisfy even the most sinful cravings. A wholesome potato with a crispy, flaky exterior with a tender and silky interior that is generously stuffed with a creamy, pungent assorted vegetable mixture and cheese. Who wouldn’t like something this awesome!? Continue reading

Healthy couscous, roasted vegetable salad

Eating healthy food that is delicious at the same time is every fitness freak’s dream. So why not include these type of dishes in our meals as well? Salads can be super fun and can be prepared with multiple ingredients and in a million variations. This is a rather simple salad as the name speaks for itself. All it consists of is some couscous, roasted vegetables, wilted spinach and a simple salad dressing.  Couscous is basically a whole grain loaded with health benefits, originating from the Northern region of Africa, this grain is authentically prepared with a vegetable or meat stew. Continue reading

Veg Kathi Rolls (Frankies)

Kathi rolls or “Frankie” as they are popularly known, are famous all across India. They differ in terms of size, form, ingredients used and various other aspects. Mine is a typical Mumbai street food inspired Frankie that uses regular day-to-day ingredients, yet tastes dynamic. They form a classic combination when served along with ketchup or a mint-coriander chutney and are perfect for a foodie like you and me. The cheese is however, the star of the recipe, as it elevates the texture and taste of every single ingredient and the whole frankie experience itself. Continue reading