Exotic vegetable soup

I love soups.. They are so easy to make, incredibly comforting and extremely appetising. Perfect for a rainy day! I recommend this soup over all other soups.. skip over the boring old man chow and take your soup experience to a more simple yet sophisticated level. Loaded with the goodness of assorted vegetables and a flavorsome pumpkin broth that is packed with the goodness of essential nutrients and minerals, my exotic vegetable soup leaves no stone unturned. I love to accompany it with a simple lettuce-tomato salad as nothing pleases me more than it’s simplicity! Continue reading

Exotic Thai soup

Here I bring an exclusive recipe of mine. This starter/soup is unlike any oriental soup, it is a fusion mix between Indian and Thai cuisine. Instead of tofu, I have used paneer as I wanted a silkier texture that would just add to the melt in the mouth feel along with the carrot, broccoli and other greens.. It is very enjoyable as every single condiment stands out with its own unique texture and flavour which means that the soup is a wholesome meal by itself. If you do not like broccoli, french beans, carrot and other such vegetables, give this soup a go.. Continue reading

Broccoli Soup

Have you ever thought of a recipe that works best as a comfort food regardless of the season or month of the year? Well then, your search is over. This soup is very simple and can be prepared in less than 10 minutes. It is green, creamy, full of essential vitamins and minerals and has a nice and tart flavour from the lemon juice and the ginger. Prepare it for brunch, lunch, parties, get togethers or even when you want to make a quick soup as a starter. Bonus tip, it is vegan too if you just omit the cheese. Continue reading