Crispy Falafel (Middle Eastern Chickpea Fritter) Recipe

Fritters are great.. whatever size, shape or texture they come in , they are always loved and are a hit in families. One such amazing fritter comes straight from the Middle East; it’s called Falafel.. it is an extremely popular and delectable snack that is famous all across the globe, ask a true foodie like me and he/she will know it already! They’re generally stuffed and eaten in pita breads as a sandwich, but are incredible on their own. It is my favourite go to snack when I am really not in the mood to work it off in the kitchen.. Continue reading

High-tea Pumpkin Fritters

Ever wondered why everybody enjoys a plate of tempting, crispy fritters with a steaming cup of tea? In Mumbai, it’s a road side legacy.. People munch on those yummy bhajiyas/bhajjis and then sip on their favourite cutting chai.. It’s a popular combo as it is much adored by everyone from roadside dwellers to working people because they’re super cheap and taste incredibly dynamic. There are several variations to these fritters.. onion, potato, mirchi, cauliflower, etc… However, this variation that I am publishing today is completely freestyle and has a home touch to it. Continue reading

Quick and easy Chinese Bhel

This Popular Indo-Chinese roadside snack is famous all across Mumbai. Street vendors sell this awesome Bhel outside railway stations, markets and now a days it is even sold in food trucks. Made with crunchy deep-fried noodles, a variety of different sauces and vegetables. It is colorful, flavour packed and quite spicy. It will thus satisfy your crave without burning a hole in your pocket. Make this simple and quick snack for get-togethers, parties or even to surprise your friends and family with your awesome cooking skills. Continue reading