Epic Kidney Bean Burger

Burgers are a great fast food option..they’re filling, delicious and very satisfying as well. Certainly worth the effort and super easy to make. My burger is exceptionally better and healthier, instead of meat/potatoes or any other condiment, it is prepared using kidney beans..they add a great amount of texture and creaminess. Kidney Beans are perfect for experimenting too, because they have no flavour by themselves, they do require a good amount of condiments that add flavour, so you can go ahead and add whatever you fancy. Continue reading

Italian double decker pizza sandwich

Who doesn’t love pizza? … From kids to grown ups alike, everyone loves the crusty pizza base, the delicious tomato sauce/pesto, those yummy greens and the star of the show! The cheese *melty* *melty*. Such a visual treat, isn’t it? Well do not worry if you don’t have the time to make a whole pizza with the added baking time. I have recreated the exact same pizza but in a sandwich form this time. With the exact same sauce, toppings and the cheese all put in between slices of multigrain bread which all together make this wonderful pizza sandwich. Continue reading

Ultimate submarine sandwich(sub)

Submarine sandwich. Yes, that’s what your favourite “sub” is actually called. This is my take on the regular fast food sub. My sub is unlike any other as it is a lot healthier, filled with the goodness and benefits of loads of vegetables in the veggie coleslaw, delicious pan-fried paneer that has a crispy exterior and  a soft, creamy interior. To top it all off, there is a layer of salted caramelised onion and cheese to finish the sub. Continue reading

Healthy Tofu Sandwich

This healthy and extremely appetising tofu sandwich is a flavour bomb!! It includes beautifully seasoned tofu slices that have been grilled with an amazing blend of spices and herbs. This sandwich also has a hearty vegetarian salad loaded with some olive oil goodness and fresh vegetables!

Thus it is a good option for almost any meal of the day and also great as a take away option!! Continue reading