Vegetable Fajita Recipe

Fajita is a popular Tex Mex (Texan-Mexican) dish, traditionally made with grilled meat strips served as a taco on a base of flour tortillas..You can make a vegetarian version by substituting the meat with vegetables and beans, just like this recipe has. Moreover, you can omit the cheese and make it vegan too! Fajitas are very interesting in terms of flavours and textures. Firstly, some chunky salsa sauce is spread on the tortillas, next, the vegetables are nicely seasoned and cooked in aromatic spices to uplift their taste. And to top if all off, some good quality cheese is grated with a final touch of cilantro leaves… Continue reading

Veg Kathi Rolls (Frankies)

Kathi rolls or “Frankie” as they are popularly known, are famous all across India. They differ in terms of size, form, ingredients used and various other aspects. Mine is a typical Mumbai street food inspired Frankie that uses regular day-to-day ingredients, yet tastes dynamic. They form a classic combination when served along with ketchup or a mint-coriander chutney and are perfect for a foodie like you and me. The cheese is however, the star of the recipe, as it elevates the texture and taste of every single ingredient and the whole frankie experience itself. Continue reading