Hot Chocolate <3

Chocolate is everybody’s favourite beverage, and indulging in a hot cup of this awesome and tempting hot chocolate is guaranteed to be your new food fantasy. It is delightful, mouth-watering, creamy, rich and all those adjectives that I can ever use will fall short to describe this liquid gold. It is worth every single calorie..cause well, how often do you get to indulge in such food frenzies?  Continue reading

Banana Chickoo Milkshake

Wanna make something really quick and refreshing?? You’ve landed on the right place!! Because today, I have brought to everybody; a delightful milkshake recipe that is a no brainer!! It’s got the easiest ingredients that are available almost everywhere and anywhere. This is a banana and chickoo milkshake!!

These lovely tropical fruits make a perfect combination! Rich and creamy milk churned with some ice and honey along with these lovely fruits create the most appetizing milkshake that is too cool for the summer and will therefore help you beat the summer heat! Continue reading

LASSI (BUTTERMILK) – savoury version

This is an authentic Indian beverage which was developed in the Northern provinces of India. The original Lassi recipe calls for sugar as it is sweet. However, this is a more fun and exciting version as it is savoury. It has natural cooling agents such as mint, chilled curds, coriander, etc… It is easy and quick to put together as it can be whisked up in a matter of a few minutes. This drink is better than any Mocktail/cocktail/milkshake or other cold beverages. Continue reading