No-Bake Eggless Chocolate Cheesecake

Cheesecakes hold an upright position in the dessert world. They are a true royal indulgence and fill you with glee and happiness. I have had a gala time making them for months! The first ever cheesecake I made was in a wine glass, topped with fresh mango puree. It was more of a simpleton thing. Now, my cheesecakes have evolved with time. They have taken over new and exciting flavours, which quite outdo the ongoing trends. The latest one is nothing short of a delight! It’s a Christian Louboutin inspired (yes! I am talking about the luxury shoe brand) cheesecake. My mom saw the shoes, and loved them… all credits to her, because she showed me the shoes and I got inspired by it’s design. Continue reading

Fudgy Chocolate Caramel Cake (Eggless)

A bad cake is evidently the one that is dry, flaky and crumbly on the edges.. It doesn’t taste good, has a very boring feel and texture and is NOT appetizing at allWhereas an ideal cake is the one which is rich, moist, fudgy, soft and has a springy surface. It’s a sign of a good baker and therefore a cake that has been made to perfection. Today I have exactly one such cake recipe for you, It’s called “Fudgy Chocolate Caramel Cake”. You can make out from the title that it is decadent, fudgy and eggless  too! The cake is very rustic, palatable and makes you feel very good. A slice of it will satiate your sweet craving and is the perfect way to end your meal. The richness of the caramel glaze on top, makes it a true indulgence. Stick with me, because this cake is DIVINE❤️

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Home Made Granola Bars Recipe

Granola bars are mini treats that are loved by kids to grown ups alike. They’re great to snack on, carry to work/school and they make a lovely gift too. These mini snacks are so tempting and irresistible that you’ll not be able to stop at one… but that isn’t really going to be bad because these granola bars are so healthy.. they contain power packed nuts, healthy rolled oats, and the goodness of jaggery and brown sugar. Simple, healthy, yet extremely tasty. Great to give an amazing kick-start to the day, these power packed bars are sure to keep you going well. Continue reading

Tender coconut pudding in chocolate cups

Have you heard of those edible chocolate cups? Well, if not.. I’ll give you a brief introduction about them. They’re basically baskets that are prepared solely using melted chocolate and then shaped into a cup by setting into moulds. However, mine doesn’t require you to buy any moulds or balloons (people use them too) as you simply require some disposable parchment muffin cups. You can add almost anything in these cups, from whipped cream, fresh fruits to even ice-cream.. However, I am going to  take it to a whole new level by actually showing you how to make a tender coconut pudding that is completely vegetarian and goes really well with chocolate and requires very few ingredients. Continue reading

Deconstructed saffron-caramel cheesecake

A cheesecake is something I believe was sent straight from heaven all the way to us.. what a gorgeous creation. Hats off to whoever came up with the idea of this amazing dessert. I am obliged to say sorry as I have ruined the divine creation. Yes, I destroyed it, I ruined it, I deconstructed it! Hold on..Hold on.. What does deconstructed mean? Is it the same as what I stated? No, it’s not. A deconstructed cheesecake is when individual layers of a cheesecake have been separately plated next to each other and drizzled with a certain type of reduced sauce. Now the question arises, why am I calling this a deconstructed cheesecake?.. Continue reading

Classic Vanilla Sponge Cake(eggless)

After the novelty cakes and other fancy desserts have stepped into the global foodosphere, the classic stuff has been forgotten. Molten Lava cakes, two-minute mug cakes, red velvets… these are very recent introductions and have already taken over.. which is why I am sharing this recipe so that everyone remembers one of the first and rather significant creations in the “cake-o-mania”; that is this cake. Trust me guys, nothing beats a classic vanilla sponge cake with a simple chocolate glaze. Nothing!  Prepared with the simplest condiments, this cake is a serious love affair. Continue reading

Orange infused possets with crunchy caramel topping

This is a rich,classic and  creamy dessert that is unique in its own way.  Super light and delicate, it is made with a simple yet complex procedure and requires intricate detailing and perfection to get it right. It’s the dessert that you can either master the very first time or after multiple failures. This method teaches you how to make a perfect pudding without gelatine and is the right one if you want a hustle free and an extremely posh dessert. Continue reading

Light and Fluffy vegetarian Brownies

It’s brownie time people! Light and chocolaty brownie muffins that are super spongy and melt in the mouth. Add vanilla ice cream on top of the hot brownies and serve with chocolate syrup or choco chips!!! Mmmmmmmm….. I personally love it and would recommend it for anybody looking for a super easy and quick desert for parties or even casual get togethers with friends. Or even better, surprise your partner with this amazing brownie on valentine’s day. Continue reading

Mango Cheesecake in a glass

I felt like a need for some change in this entire “fancy desert” preparation that is usually difficult and quite challenging. Thus I came up with a hustle free and an extremely unique recipe for a cheesecake that requires just 10 minutes of preparation to get a result that is sure to leave you astonished. The desert that you end up paying a rather high amount for at a fancy restaurant can now be made easily and more importantly in a cost-effective manner at home. Plus it is completely vegetarian and can be served in individual portions in glasses to add for a few extra bonuses 😀 Continue reading