Indian breakfast pancakes with spiced potato filling

Usually, in India, breakfast is something spicy or savoury accompanied with sauces/chutneys. For example dosa, idli, onion stuffed flatbread, etc… This is no exception to that rule. Inspired by the Mumbai street food, this recipe consists of a pan-fried pancake which is a quicker substitute to the regular dosa. It is accompanied with a spicy potato filling that is stuffed in the pancake and then rolled to form this beautiful breakfast item that is also great as a take away breakfast when you’re in a hurry. Continue reading

Cheese and Onion stuffed Indian flat bread

Everyone loves stuffed flat breads (aka parantha) with a steaming cup of tea/coffee. Coming from the state of Punjab, these flat breads are generally made using potato, paneer, brinjal or left over vegetables. The process takes quite some time as everyone tends to add various spices and vegetables to enhance the taste. However, the stuffing for this home-made flat bread is very simple as it doesn’t have to be pre-cooked and can be prepared well in advance to save time. Make them king sized and serve in generous portions with some refreshing cold natural yogurt. Continue reading

Hot Chocolate <3

Chocolate is everybody’s favourite beverage, and indulging in a hot cup of this awesome and tempting hot chocolate is guaranteed to be your new food fantasy. It is delightful, mouth-watering, creamy, rich and all those adjectives that I can ever use will fall short to describe this liquid gold. It is worth every single calorie..cause well, how often do you get to indulge in such food frenzies?  Continue reading

Overnight Oatmeal Breakfast

For all you busy mongers out there, I know how tough it is for you guys to get up in the morning and prepare a hearty and filling breakfast while having to get yourself/your kids ready, finishing those early morning chores..etc…. So I thought of finding a recipe for all you hardworking people out there; that will save time for cooking breakfast in the morning as it can be prepared the day before and can be left in the fridge overnight.

This recipe of the overnight oatmeal breakfast has my twist on the classic one and is full of protein, calcium and other essential items that will keep you going for the day. Continue reading