Spicy potato wedges with zingy dipping sauce.

Potato wedges are basically french fries but in the shape and form of wedges. These are simple and seasoned with flavour packed spices. Served hot when crispy and mouth-watering, these are meant to be a stand alone dish as they can be eaten by themselves. However, since I do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to making recipes even more special and exciting.. I have an amazing zingy dip for these awesome potato wedges that will take this starter experience to a whole new level. Continue reading

Versatile cheesy dip/sauce

Do you guys buy those cheesy dips to accompany your nachos, garlic rolls, etc…? You no longer have to waste money on those store-bought items as it can be prepared easily at home… This dip is very versatile and flavourful and can accompany almost anything that compliments cheese. Spread it on a plain toast, sandwiches, pizza bites or even as yummy dip for pakoras or cutlets! It’s spicy, savoury, and extremely creamy (duh!). Continue reading

Roasted TGP (tomato, garlic and pepper) jam with herbs.

This is a very versatile recipe which can be used in various ways such as a dip for nachos, chips, barbecue parties and mainly as a spread for crostinis, bruschettas, toasted baguettes and the list goes on. It is sweet and savoury along with a little kick from the chilli. Continue reading