Delicious and healthy soya wrap with mint mayo spread

Wraps= the ultimate fillers. They’re packed with the goodness of vegetables and the various sauces that are added to make them creamy and delicious. Usually, people end up adding unhealthy condiments such as processed cheese, tomato ketchup chilli sauce and many such things to cover up the taste of some bitter vegetables and call the wrap “healthy”. However, this time, the wrap I am making consists of soya chunks. They are high in protein, vitamin B, omega 3, fibre and they are good for diabetes and reduce risk of osteoporosis and LDL. Didn’t understand some of the benefits? In a nutshell, all you need to know is that it is amazing for your health.

From scratch to finish, this wrap is all about some wonderful flavours and unique textures. Let me show you around the recipe in quick and easy steps.

  • Preparation time: 15 minutes
  • Cooking time: 10 minutes
  • Total time : 25 minutes

This is for two wraps.


  • For the dough : flour, water, oil and salt.
  • Soya chunks – 1/2 cup
  • Vegetables: chilli – 1 chopped , ginger – 1 inch chopped, garlic – 3 cloves chopped, 1 chopped onion, 1/2 cup of chopped capsicum, 1/2 cup of soaked green sprouts and 1 chopped tomato.
  • spices and other condiments: crushed black pepper and salt to taste. cumin seeds – 1 tsp, 1/2 tsp mustard seeds, 1 tsp of chat masala, lemon juice and 3-4 curry leaves.
  • For the mint mayonnaise: mint chutney and mayonnaise.


  1. First, start preparing the dough. Check out how to prepare the dough from my cheese and onion stuffed flatbread recipe in the procedure : find dough here
  2. Next, start cooking the soya chunks according to package directions. All you need to do is boil the soya chunks for 3 minutes or until they are nicely cooked and tender. Then drain, and leave aside.
  3. Now the main step. To make the filling for the wrap.  Start by heating oil in a broad non stick pan. When the oil is hot, add the mustard seeds, cumin seeds and curry leaves and let them splatter a bit. Then add the chilli, garlic and ginger and fry till the raw smell is gone. Next, add chopped onions and cook until tender. Then add the chopped capsicum, soaked sprouts, tomato and cook this mixture until all the vegetables are tender.IMG_0877
  4. Now add the cooked soya chunks and season with salt, pepper and chat masala. Cook this mixture for 3-4 mins or until all the released water has been evaporated. Squeeze lemon juice and mix. Then leave the mixture aside to cool a bit.
  5. Now take a portion of the dough and roll it out. Then cook on a pan on both sides and keep aside. Do not leave the cooked flour tortillas out for long as they will harden up. The best thing is to smear butter on them and to leave them for up to 10 minutes (no longer than that).
  6. Make the mint mayo by mixing 2 tbsp of mayo with 1/2 tsp of mint chutney.
  7. Last step is to assemble the wrap. Simply spread some mint mayo on the flour tortilla  and then layer the filling mixture in a straight line along the centre. Then roll into a wrap and serve.


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