No-Bake Eggless Chocolate Cheesecake

Cheesecakes hold an upright position in the dessert world. They are a true royal indulgence and fill you with glee and happiness. I have had a gala time making them for months! The first ever cheesecake I made was in a wine glass, topped with fresh mango puree. It was more of a simpleton thing. Now, my cheesecakes have evolved with time. They have taken over new and exciting flavours, which quite outdo the ongoing trends. The latest one is nothing short of a delight! It’s a Christian Louboutin inspired (yes! I am talking about the luxury shoe brand) cheesecake. My mom saw the shoes, and loved them… all credits to her, because she showed me the shoes and I got inspired by it’s design. Continue reading

Fudgy Chocolate Caramel Cake (Eggless)

A bad cake is evidently the one that is dry, flaky and crumbly on the edges.. It doesn’t taste good, has a very boring feel and texture and is NOT appetizing at allWhereas an ideal cake is the one which is rich, moist, fudgy, soft and has a springy surface. It’s a sign of a good baker and therefore a cake that has been made to perfection. Today I have exactly one such cake recipe for you, It’s called “Fudgy Chocolate Caramel Cake”. You can make out from the title that it is decadent, fudgy and eggless  too! The cake is very rustic, palatable and makes you feel very good. A slice of it will satiate your sweet craving and is the perfect way to end your meal. The richness of the caramel glaze on top, makes it a true indulgence. Stick with me, because this cake is DIVINE❤️

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Vegetable Fajita Recipe

Fajita is a popular Tex Mex (Texan-Mexican) dish, traditionally made with grilled meat strips served as a taco on a base of flour tortillas..You can make a vegetarian version by substituting the meat with vegetables and beans, just like this recipe has. Moreover, you can omit the cheese and make it vegan too! Fajitas are very interesting in terms of flavours and textures. Firstly, some chunky salsa sauce is spread on the tortillas, next, the vegetables are nicely seasoned and cooked in aromatic spices to uplift their taste. And to top if all off, some good quality cheese is grated with a final touch of cilantro leaves… Continue reading

Epic Kidney Bean Burger

Burgers are a great fast food option..they’re filling, delicious and very satisfying as well. Certainly worth the effort and super easy to make. My burger is exceptionally better and healthier, instead of meat/potatoes or any other condiment, it is prepared using kidney beans..they add a great amount of texture and creaminess. Kidney Beans are perfect for experimenting too, because they have no flavour by themselves, they do require a good amount of condiments that add flavour, so you can go ahead and add whatever you fancy. Continue reading

Crispy Falafel (Middle Eastern Chickpea Fritter) Recipe

Fritters are great.. whatever size, shape or texture they come in , they are always loved and are a hit in families. One such amazing fritter comes straight from the Middle East; it’s called Falafel.. it is an extremely popular and delectable snack that is famous all across the globe, ask a true foodie like me and he/she will know it already! They’re generally stuffed and eaten in pita breads as a sandwich, but are incredible on their own. It is my favourite go to snack when I am really not in the mood to work it off in the kitchen.. Continue reading

Killer Macaroni ‘n’ Cheese recipe

Macaroni and cheese or mac ‘n’ cheese is a very popular American dish. The dish may be native to the American mainland, but there exists a very unique recipe from every corner of the world that show cases as just how many variations can be made from this wonderful baby. The best however, will always be the classic recipe for mac n’ cheese; present in every amateur cook’s bucket list, this stellar dish is known for its simplicity. It requires very basic ingredients and can be put together in a matter of 25 minutes from scratch to finish. Continue reading

Garlicky Schezwan potatoes

Indo-Chinese is a spectacular fusion cuisine; coming from the very own streets of Mumbai, this cuisine has now become so popular, that it has  captured its own place across the nation’s restaurant menus… There is one such dish from the very cuisine that is so delicious, you’ll probably salivate just looking at it. It is garlicky schezwan potatoes… Just the name of this dish is enough to give a ting to your taste buds. The potato wedges are seasoned and fried off until golden and crispy, then a lovely, red and spicy sauce is prepared using aromatics and various Indo Chinese sauces, the crispy potatoes are then dropped into the sauce and simmered until it creates a magical dish, hot and ready to serve.  Continue reading

Home Made Granola Bars Recipe

Granola bars are mini treats that are loved by kids to grown ups alike. They’re great to snack on, carry to work/school and they make a lovely gift too. These mini snacks are so tempting and irresistible that you’ll not be able to stop at one… but that isn’t really going to be bad because these granola bars are so healthy.. they contain power packed nuts, healthy rolled oats, and the goodness of jaggery and brown sugar. Simple, healthy, yet extremely tasty. Great to give an amazing kick-start to the day, these power packed bars are sure to keep you going well. Continue reading

Penne à la vodka recipe

Italian cuisine is undoubtedly the most popular and most preferred European cuisine… it fills people with joy and happiness when they know that they got Italian food cooking in the house 😀 After all, who wouldn’t love food that is prepared with so much love!? Having eaten almost the same Italian food everyone, people have a misconception that it consists of just pastas, pizzas, breads, etc.. they’re the heart of the cuisine, but there’s certainly a lot more out there. There are hundreds of varieties of the same dish and no way do they all taste similar! This recipe that you’re going to read today is a very special family recipe of mine.

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Mushroom Tikka Masala

Mushroom is one of my favourite things to cook with. It is an incredible vegetable that is so versatile and comes in various shapes and sizes. Nothing absorbs flavours as good as a mushroom, it has such a nice and springy texture when cooked that you will not stop yourself from eating it over and over again. Today, I have an Indian inspired recipe that is offbeat, multi cuisine and finger licking delicious; its my Mushroom Tikka Masala. The mushrooms are firstly marinated in a spicy, flavourful yogurt marinade and then charred to perfection. Continue reading